SCSO 2024 Tour – Keeping It Simple

SCSO Proposed 2024 Tour
Northern Italy 
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* We are keeping it SIMPLE! KISS: Keep It Simple, Singers! 

* No big orchestras and language barriers for Don to wrangle.

* We might even be able to keep the same soloists!

* We will perform the Mozart Requiem, which many singers memorized for the last tour! The choir, the soloists, and Dr. Enright’s brilliant playing will be the focus!

* Aside from Milan, no big cities with potential transportation strikes (remember London?!?). We linger in Milan to see the sights and allow the Land Only folks a little breathing room in order to catch up with the full package folks. 

* All this means that rehearsals should be simpler, and this will bring some ease to all of us and allow us to enjoy our surroundings even more than we usually do.

* This tour is a bit longer than the last one, and we visit some outstanding venues! 

* No agonizing decision about whether to go on the tour extension or not!

* No need to get used to a new roommate (if you have one)!

* We might see George and Amal!

* Check now to make sure your passports are valid through January 1, 2025