Equity Statement

The Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra has a strong tradition of inclusion and diversity in its 205-member team of chorus and orchestra members. The organization engages three generations from all walks of life, social and economic strata, hailing from seven different Sacramento area counties with varying demographics. People of all races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientation are welcome in SCSO and are represented in our membership.

The SCSO seeks to eliminate barriers to participation in the world of classical music by granting scholarships to singers when needed. Our outreach efforts also include working with Title 1 schools for underprivileged youth. In particular, we have provided positive experiences for children with disabilities who don’t often get to attend professional music performances. We also try to promote access by providing free busing to concerts. For example, out of a total of 2,300 attendees, we provided transportation for some 900+ students and teachers to Memorial Auditorium for a special Children’s Matinee in which they were encouraged to engage in an audience sing-a-long.

We annually support over 50 area nonprofits via complimentary tickets to our performances. This gesture reflects our desire to provide access and hope to multiple diverse populations. We are well-known for our faithful outreach to veterans and their families, as well as our strong relationship with Make-A-Wish Foundation which provides an opportunity for children to directly participate by singing and performing with a professional orchestra – even conducting!

For the past 24 years, the SCSO has enjoyed a well-earned reputation for respecting the needs and sensibilities of people from all walks of life and for promoting and offering world-class choral/orchestral music. The SCSO also takes great pride in its exemplary treatment of our performers, patrons, and volunteers – both on and off stage. Treating people with kindness and respect, as well as helping them to reach their full potential, is entrenched in our organizational values and reinforces accountability. This approach ensures a healthy audition process while fostering a strong sense of belonging. Patrons and performers who feel valued have a desire to return to our performances, to volunteer and assist in helping to further our mission.