Suzanne Kenyon – A Tribute

Suzanne Kenyon (1949-2023) graced the SCSO stage for 20 years as a pillar in the Alto Section.  She travelled the world with us and she regaled us regularly with her amazing crafts and baking.

Kindness was part of Suzanne’s DNA! She lit up our rehearsals and performances with her smile.

Christmas was Suzanne’s favorite time of year, so it is fitting that we dedicate our December 9, 2023 Home for the Holidays performance in Memorial Auditorium in her memory.

Please share our short video tribute to this humble woman with your friends.

Learn more about Suzanne and the amazing impact that she had on our world.

We shall never forget the light and  joy that Suzanne brought to all of us.
Requiem in pace, dear Suzanne Kenyon!