Chorus Tickets Information

Dear SCSO Members, (Special thanks to our amazing SCSO Ticket Team!)

Ticket sales for the SCSO’s Spring 2020 performances begin at our January 13th rehearsal.
Our Trusty Ticket Team Volunteers will be processing two shows – the March 21st Verdi Requiem and the May 9th Rodgers & Hammerstein. Please give yourself some extra time before rehearsal to order tickets. The ticket team is ready to help you by about 6:15 PM each Monday. To keep the Maestro in good spirits, the Ticket Table will close 5-10 minutes before the start of rehearsal, so we don’t overlap rehearsal time.



No $3 Facility Fee
Some very good news for us:  For this year ONLY, our tickets will not have the added $3 per ticket facility fee. And, the Main Floor seating is all new, with wider seats and arm rests.  We will have accessible seating on the main floor and in the dress circle.


Ticket Ordering Process
To help simplify the ticket ordering process, you’ll find a table next to the Ticket Table (same place as last year.) Please start there! At that table you’ll find:
1.   A copy of the Memorial Auditorium seating chart. This will help you decide where you want to sit. At this time, we are only selling Main Floor, Dress Circle and first balcony tickets. That provides us with over 1700 seats to sell per performance, and keeps our concert-goers in the comfortable upholstered seats.

2.  Ticket order forms. We have revised our forms this year so we only have one form for individual ticket sales that we will use for both of our Memorial Auditorium Spring 2020 shows.The same form will be used for cash, check or credit card payments.

Before approaching the ticket table, kindly fill out the top portion of the order form (name and contact information), figure out where you want your seats, and take the form to the Ticket Table, where the volunteers there will help you select your seats and finalize your order. If you are paying by check, to save time, please have your check made out to the SCSO and signed, so all you have to do is fill in the dollar amount at the ticket table.  If you’re paying by credit card, we will give you the completed ticket order form to take to Member Services to run your credit card. Bring your credit card receipt and the form back to the Ticket Table to finish up the process.
Tickets will be available to you the following Monday at rehearsal.  Please pick up your tickets the week after you order them.


SCSO 2020 Single Show Ticket Pricing – Memorial Auditorium
As we did last year, we will be offering members and alumni a 20% discount on single seats and, for groups of 6 or more, we will offer a discount of 30%. Student tickets will be available at a 50% discount. Handy ticket price sheets are available on the SCSO Website here.