COVID-19 Response

This is definitely a challenging time, to say the least! We truly miss connecting with one another on a daily basis. We hope you are staying safe and healthy, finding ways to experience sunshine, joy and music whenever you can.

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Thank you for honoring the guidelines set for by our public health officials to lessen the spread of COVID-19! We are currently tracking what medical science tells us about singing and performing and how the virus is spread, and how that may relate to future decisions we make.

Please take time to read about how to KNOW and AVOID COVID-19 risks in this well-researched feature written by Biology Professor at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

It is our hope in the coming months that we will once again be able to reconnect to make beautiful music as it is our strong desire once again to share, to give, and to reach out through the choral orchestral art. The arts speak to our humanity, alone, and yet together.

For the latest updates on COVID-19, stay in touch with the Centers for Control Disease.

Check also for updates on the California Coronavirus Response website.

COVID-19 Resources for the Performing Arts

We WILL get past this! Stay healthy, stay safe, and continue to surround yourself with great music!