Social Distant-Sing Choral Resources

The SCSO believes that Choirs around the world make up some of the best Teams on the planet. We are meant to be together and bring beauty and joy to one another and our Community.

Let us be strong and resilient together to weather the current storm.

Enjoy some of the resources on this page to stay connected to one another and the choral art.

How is SCSO Conductor Donald Kendrick doing during this challenging time?

* Check out Don’s recent Operatic début in bucolic Fair Oaks.
* See Don in his regular Conductor’s work clothes taking on part-time jobs to help the SCSO through this crisis!
* Enjoy Don’s talk about Haydn’s Pauken Mass”.
* Revel in a brief assignment Don created to learn part of Haydn’s “Pauken Mass”.

Choral Video by the Phoenix Choir of Vancouver – The Longest Time (Clever lyrics)
(Yes, the SCSO should do something like this.) You are welcome to e-mail us more like this.


THE SOUND OF MUSIC – COVID-19 Version (Brilliant)

A Guide to 2021 Season Planning Amidst COVID-19
Tori Cook – The Chorus Connection

CHORUS AMERICA – Amazing Resources

Take advantage of the choral resources provided by Chorus America
Great updates on science and singing and thoughts of our “start up”, mental health and inspiration.

Please check out their choral resources for professionals. 

TORI COOK (Chorus Connection)
Enjoy her roundup of resources for Community Choruses. She does amazing work.

(More resources coming soon once our website files have been migrated to a new server on Godaddy.)