Spring 2020 Ticket Refunds

SCSO Spring 2020 Season Canceled









Dear SCSO Chorus Members and Community Friends,
(Sent on behalf of SCSO Ticket Team Leader, Talbott Smith – and our Board)
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Ticket Refunds
Now that the difficult, and, until now, unthinkable decision has been made to abruptly end our season, I wanted to address how we will deal with ticket refunds.  

Our goal is to process all ticket refunds within the next two weeks, if not sooner.  I know some of you or your friends/family may also have purchased tickets on-line or in person at the Memorial Theatre Box Office, so I will cover those situations as well. We will be refunding single tickets purchased for the Verdi concert and the few we’ve already sold for the Rodgers and Hammerstein concert, along with two-thirds of the cost of the “Season 3-Pack” purchases from back in October/November.


1. Memorial Auditorium Box Office In Person or online Tickets.com purchases:
For credit card transactions, these purchases will be automatically refunded through the Tickets.com platform. This will happen very soon, and will be handled by the City of Sacramento staff at the Box Office.  There were a very few individuals who paid via check in person at the Box Office. The Box Office staff will reach out to those people and arrange the refund. If you have friends and family who used one of these two ways to purchase tickets, please share this information with them.


2. SCSO Member Ticket Sales at Rehearsals:
Because the SCSO is essentially the “box office” for these ticket sales, our Ticket Team has been putting together the information necessary to ensure that refunds are issued within the next 2 weeks.


Can you help the SCSO?
There are a certain about of “sunk costs” for our spring concerts, including salaries, orchestra score rentals, advertising, printing, postcard mailing, potential cancellation charges for some contracts, etc. along with the budgeted ticket sales income that would have allowed us to end the year with a balanced budget.  For this reason, we are offering you an opportunity to turn some or all of your ticket purchases into a donation, to help ensure the survival of our organization moving forward.
If you are willing and financially able to make such a donation, the Board of Directors and I would be extremely grateful.  Here’s how to do that:


Before Monday March 16th at 2 PM, send an email to scso2005@gmail.com letting us know what portion (dollar amount) of your previous ticket purchase you are willing and financially able to convert to a donation to the chorus. We will subtract that amount from what we owe you, and will refund whatever balance remains. This is completely optional, so please don’t feel badly about any inability to donate. If you do choose to make a donation, the SCSO will send you an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.


If you bought your tickets with a CREDIT CARD ,we will refund the amount of the tickets back to the credit card that was used to purchase the tickets. If we are unable to process a refund, we will contact you for further instructions.


If you bought your tickets with CASH OR CHECKS, the SCSO will be issuing a check to you. It will be mailed to the address we have on file for you. You should receive the check within the next two weeks. Please allow that amount of time before contacting us.


I would like to thank our SCSO Ticket Team, who will be putting in some long hours over the next couple of weeks to ensure that all ticket refunds are completed. And, finally, thank you for your continued support and participation. This is most certainly not how we had wanted to end our 24th season, but the health and well being of our singers, staff members, orchestra members, guest artists, theatre employees, and our audience members has to be our number one consideration.


Please be safe and stay healthy so you can be with us as the SCSO celebrates our 25th Anniversary Season in 20/21.
Talbott Smith, SCSO Ticket Team Leader
James McCormick, President & CEO
SCSO Office: 916-536-9065